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Yahoo has evidently been rummaging through its closet looking for stuff it can sell off, especially now that it’s decided it’s a consumer company and will put $100 million into promoting that image starting Tuesday. Anyway, that business construction reportedly means it doesn’t need Zimbra and its online, cross-platform Collaboration Suite, the open source-cum-commercial e-mail-shared calendar-instant messaging-and-document authoring widgetry it paid $350 million for it almost exactly two years ago. It’s been peddling the thing around, according to Boomtown’s Kara Swisher, the Yahoo familiar. Yahoo’s reportedly not harboring any delusions that it’ll get anywhere near what it paid for the thing. Swisher thinks it could go to rival Google or maybe Comcast, a Zimbra client, or maybe a private equity firm, maybe even Redpoint Ventures, one of Zimbra’s original investors... (more)

RPost Gets a Patent on Web Bugs

RPost, the Los Angeles inventor of Registered Email services, has gotten a patent on the little invisible web bugs - also called web beacons or pixel tags - that companies - in this case service companies - use to see if their e-mails are opened to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. The widgetry is thought to be use in more than 40 billions of e-mails a year and has gotten particularly popular in Big Data analysis. RPost means to license US Patent 8,161,104 to tens of thousands of e-mail marketers, social media companies and cloud-based businesses, and pursue any infringers. Licensing terms are unknown. The company is no stranger to the law courts. It is currently defending its proof-of-delivery patent in infringements suits brought against Swiss Post, Canada Post, ZixCorp, Docusign, Adobe Echosign, RightSignature and Farmers Insurance in federal cour... (more)

Could You Be the Biggest Threat to Your Email?

The digital age has forced a kind of dependency never before seen, a dependency on our inbox. The mere thought of losing these emails is inconceivable where the thought of it leaves us with a sense of panic, one similar to losing our credit cards or house key. Unfortunately, the potential for losing access to email is greater than one might think. There are a multitude of threats that can bring about the loss of an email, or an entire email account. Simple user error, such as clicking the wrong button, can result in the loss of crucial information that could potentially make or break your business. A more daunting threat is cyber attack, wherein hackers target email accounts to gain access to personal information, which could also result in the deletion of critical communications. Today, however, we rely on email not only as a means of communication but as a way of... (more)

Email Address as the Universal Identity

In the brave new world of enterprise applications going to the web do we need an identity directory spawning the internet, and if so, will email address system become the de-facto global identity system? Global directories are obviously not new. There were efforts like X.400 and like, but then we kind of got scaled back to company-wide identities instead. So most of us just use a username (or DOMAIN\username) to log into our computer at work, and do not care that this is not globally unique at all. Sounds like the internet will make us care again. Suppose you are designing a global enterprise SaaS application and you absolutely do not want to maintain user identities yourself (because this would obviously be a headache both to you and your customers). Federation is the answer, right? So OK, you go out, pick the federation standard you like (for example, WS-*) and you... (more)

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department Automates Email Retention

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Mimosa Systems, the leader in next-generation email, file, and SharePoint archiving solutions, today announced that the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department has automated its email archiving and eDiscovery request processes with Mimosa NearPointTM, which addresses critical customer requirements around archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage optimization in a unified solution. As a result, the large, multi-department California law enforcement agency has reduced the time it takes for staff to respond to eDiscovery requests by 70 percent, improving operations and lowering cost. The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department is a multi-faceted law enforcement agency composed of approximately 4,000 staff members and over 800 reserve personnel. The Department consists of five organizational functions divided... (more)

Symantec Announces January 2010 MessageLabs Intelligence Report

Click Here for Email Archiving: A Business-Critical Application Email archiving protects email 24X7 with enterprise-level backup and support. Data is secured at multiple sites and restoring archived email happens quickly and does not require IT professionals. Symantec on Tuesday announced the publication of its January 2010 MessageLabs Intelligence Report. Analysis reveals spammers have launched new campaigns related to 2010 events to sustain the high levels of spam experienced toward the end of 2009. At the start of 2010, MessageLabs Intelligence saw the typical special New Year offers for pharmaceuticals, fashion accessories and watches, weight loss products, loans and jobs. At its peak, spam related to the New Year accounted for 7.7 percent of all spam on a single day and more than 50 percent of New Year related spam was sent by the Grum and Cutwail botnets combin... (more)

iomart to Upgrade 300,000 E-mail Accounts

Following a successful pilot project, U.K.-based managed cloud services company iomart Group will migrate over 300,000 customer e-mail accounts to the Open-Xchange e-mail and collaboration platform, providing end users with a more feature-rich service. In addition, iomart's customers will be able to upgrade to advanced groupware features and mobility support in Open-Xchange - providing the company with additional value-added services. iomart Group ( is one of the U.K.‘s largest providers of managed hosting and cloud services. Serving every level of business from SME (small- and medium enterprise) to large corporate , trading through  its iomart Hosting, Easyspace, RapidSwitch and Titan Internet brands, the Group currently manages hosting services for more than 300,000 customers daily. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Inv... (more)

Zumbox Sets Up Joint Venture in Oz

Zumbox, the American digital mail start-up, has changed its overseas strategy. Rather than try to involve the local postal operator - as it has once with New Zealand Post - it's going to go it alone. It's starting in Australia where its wholly owned licensing arm, Zumbox Software Inc, has just climbed in bed with two big publicly traded mail outsourcers to create a joint venture called Digital Post Australia (DPA) that will offer consumers a way to get their paper mail electronically. Digital Post Australia is supposed to be the first digital postal system in Australia. Zumbox CEO John Payne, who's on DPA's board, claims that Zumbox is "seeing high demand for digital alternatives to the current postal system, both here in the US and abroad." Unfortunately because of non-disclosure agreements Payne says he can't say anything about New Zealand Post's experience imple... (more)

PTO Finds Key RPost Patent 100% Valid

A US Patent and Trademark Office re-examination has found a basic RPost proof-of-delivery patent valid. In a sweeping decision all 89 of its claims have been left standing against challenges of prior art. Patent holders dream of such things. It is understood to be a so-called "final final" decision covering items such as time-stamp authentication. No one except the PTO knows who made the claims of prior art but that unknown challenger reportedly dumped scads of documentation on the PTO for it to wade through and failed. It's bad news for the slate of companies RPost is suing in federal courts in California, Texas and Virginia for infringing US Patent No 6,182,219 including Swiss Post, Canada Post, Adobe, Docusign, Zix, RightSignature and Farmers Insurance among others. Jury trial dates have now been set for the cases in the Eastern District of Texas for August of ... (more)

Cloud Computing, Big Data & Smart Mobile Apps to Drive IT Spending in 2014

Big bucks continue to be spent on hardware and software, with a marked increase in cloud services, according to a new report. Forrester released the data of its annual survey on IT spending worldwide and detected areas with higher spending, including apps and tablets. Forrester Research's annual report on worldwide IT spending split the amount of $2.06 trillion spent this year from businesses and governments between hardware, software and services related to the IT world. CIOs and IT decision-makers plan their biggest software spending increases in mobile applications and middleware, analytics, security, and collaboration software, according to an article on Software registered the largest share of tech spending in 2013 and companies will continue to spend in this segment particularly on smart and cloud computing in 2014. While investment in legacy a... (more)

SilverSky Selects SoftLayer, an IBM Company, to Power Cloud-Based Email

SoftLayer, an IBM Company, on Thursday announced that SilverSky, a provider of cloud-based information security and messaging solutions, has chosen SoftLayer to help power its cloud-based email and Email Protection Suite offerings. SilverSky's comprehensive security services, running on SoftLayer's cloud platform and distributed through IBM's global sales channel, will enable businesses around the world to quickly move email workloads and critical information into the cloud in a secure and cost-effective way. As a provider of cloud-based information security, secure messaging and collaboration services, SilverSky protects $525 billion in customer assets and handles more than 500 million security events each day. SilverSky's growing customer base includes 6,700 organizations around the globe in the financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, critical infrastruct... (more)