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If your inbox looks anything like mine, you're scanning and deleting your email rapidly, trying to sort through it all and find the stuff you need - as quickly as possible. The preview pane is a wonderful screening tool. Subject lines are often misleading so I tend to scan the opening sentence to see if I want to delete or continue. I want to know immediately if the message is relevant to me. Unfortunately, not many of those sentences get my attention. To put this in context, let's look at some real email first sentences: "I wanted to share with you the success of our [company] program which allows marketers to tap an influential group of [company's] readers for product sampling and reviews." Really? Why? I don't know you. I don't know who your readers are, or what they could mean for me. "I've been trying to contact you regarding your interest in the business implicat... (more)

Zimbra on Ulitzer Topic Launched

Zimbra on Ulitzer news topic launched today to cover breaking news, blogs and opinion pieces on Zimbra. Zimbra is open source server software for email and collaboration - email, group calendar, contacts, instant messaging, file storage and web document management. The Zimbra email and calendar server is available for Linux, Mac OS X and virtualization platforms. Zimbra syncs to smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry) and desktop clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Zimbra also features archiving and discovery for compliance. Zimbra can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted email solution. Zimbra on Ulitzer Topic Founder: Jeremy Geelan Topic Contributors: Maureen O'Gara Glenn Rossman RealWire News Distribution Anne Taylor Reuven Cohen Guy Bunker Louis Naugès Jeremy Geelan Coach Wei Rob Gonda Alan Williamson John Eckman Jon Ferraiolo Kevin Haverlock Mohit Chawla Vijaya Bha... (more)

Just What Exactly Is Email For?

Email Archiving Journal I don’t know about you, but when I get long emails my eyes go running around my head. Too many words for me to take in during a busy day when I’m sure I’m suffering from some form of ADHD as I try to multitask beyond human capability. So I ask folks to please, please, puLEASE not send me long emails. But they do anyway. And then they get mad when I don’t read them – especially when they’ve written something personal. They actually expect me to put down what I’m doing and read a one-way missive, interpret what they are meaning and feeling against how I interpret their words, then gather my own thoughts and feelings along the way that I can’t manage cuz the communication is one-way and obviously my thoughts and feelings have no credence – and then, then… then what? I can’t remember what I was thinking and feeling with each paragraph or though... (more)

Handling eDiscovery in the Context of Big Data

Big Data - a large amount of information that comes in a variety of forms and constantly changes - has generated a significant amount of buzz in the business world, mostly around the implications for marketing. But there's little attention paid to its potential impact on risk management and legal issues. There should be. When legal compliance actions such as eDiscovery requests involve large datasets, most businesses don't have the in-house expertise to handle the task. This is true both of companies that manage legal compliance internally and those that turn to external experts who don't specialize in eDiscovery. Discovery requests that involve truly massive datasets require special expertise and technology tools, and most in-house resources and even outside technology experts who are not specifically trained to handle eDiscovery in a Big Data context are unaware ... (more)

Yahoo Reportedly Puts Zimbra Up For Sale

Yahoo has evidently been rummaging through its closet looking for stuff it can sell off, especially now that it’s decided it’s a consumer company and will put $100 million into promoting that image starting Tuesday. Anyway, that business construction reportedly means it doesn’t need Zimbra and its online, cross-platform Collaboration Suite, the open source-cum-commercial e-mail-shared calendar-instant messaging-and-document authoring widgetry it paid $350 million for it almost exactly two years ago. It’s been peddling the thing around, according to Boomtown’s Kara Swisher, the Yahoo familiar. Yahoo’s reportedly not harboring any delusions that it’ll get anywhere near what it paid for the thing. Swisher thinks it could go to rival Google or maybe Comcast, a Zimbra client, or maybe a private equity firm, maybe even Redpoint Ventures, one of Zimbra’s original investors... (more)

Cloud Computing, Big Data & Smart Mobile Apps to Drive IT Spending in 2014

Big bucks continue to be spent on hardware and software, with a marked increase in cloud services, according to a new report. Forrester released the data of its annual survey on IT spending worldwide and detected areas with higher spending, including apps and tablets. Forrester Research's annual report on worldwide IT spending split the amount of $2.06 trillion spent this year from businesses and governments between hardware, software and services related to the IT world. CIOs and IT decision-makers plan their biggest software spending increases in mobile applications and middleware, analytics, security, and collaboration software, according to an article on Software registered the largest share of tech spending in 2013 and companies will continue to spend in this segment particularly on smart and cloud computing in 2014. While investment in legacy a... (more)

Is Email Dying?

Twitter on Ulitzer Have we reached the point where email’s influence over our electronic lives is waning? It is hard to imagine, especially for those of us who grew up in the minicomputer/PC era. For two generations, email was the killer application. It delivered information reliably and within a few minutes. But today the properties that made email so attractive for so long are now a liabiliity. “A few minutes” for a response is so last year, driven in no small part by texting and cell phone ubiquity. At the same time this was happening, wikis, blogs and social networks have begun to erode email’s document exchange role. The notion of sharing photos or a slide presentation using email attachments is becoming quaint. Now, the Internets have gotten faster, and seconds matter. Amazon offers same-day deliveries in a few cities. Motorola’s new Cliq Android phone aggregat... (more)

Hotmail Morphs into

Microsoft has reworked its browser-based Hotmail into a free, socialized, Facebook-friendly service it's calling, borrowing the name from its Office e-mail client. The idea is to stop Google's Gmail from eating into its turf. With 324 million users Hotmail is the largest online e-mail service on the planet. It has an estimated 36% of the global market to Gmail's quickly advancing 32%. Yahoo Mail also has 32%. After eight years of neglect, Hotmail has been given a simple Metro-like UI and an uncluttered Googlesque look that's tailored to small devices as well as PCs and Macs. It'll separate out e-mail with photo or document attachments. Messages with Office attachments will integrate with Office Web Apps for previews of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Picture attachments will come up as a slideshow. It's supposed to recognize YouTube videos, calen... (more)

The Cloud: A Great Place for Enterprise E-mail

Recognizing e-mail as the central tool in today's contemporary business model is effortless - any breakdown in this mission-critical instrument and companies come to a virtual halt. Staff collaboration is limited, customer and vendor relationships are potentially compromised, and IT resources must be re-allocated to administer first aid, leaving other work sidetracked. The necessity of restoring the system becomes paramount, the monetary toll is secondary, and the debt to be paid is always exacted. In addition, e-mail is one of the first entry points into an organization and perhaps the single most targeted vector for enterprise security attacks. A recent Google-led study estimates that 94 percent of all e-mail is now spam, with threats that go far beyond the annoyance of unwanted e-mail to include malicious components such as phishing attacks, worms, Trojans, bots, ... (more)

Safeguard Your Organization with Cisco Email Security Solutions Webinar

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IBM Webmail Scares Google to Death - Not

Reuters published an article titled "IBM takes on Google in business Web-mail market" - bold words but hey, this is Big Blue, right? We haven't seen much from IBM in the SaaS space yet, so this move was about time. What is surprising is the positioning of this offering, low function, low price ($36/user/year) but business Web-Mail. This simple Web-Mail offering is not based on Notes but on Outblaze, a more consumer oriented Web-Mail client from a company from Hong Kong that IBM bought cheaply earlier this year. To compete in the business mail space IBM needs to do more than this. Real business email offerings like Network Solutions nsMail Pro or 1&1 MailXchange offer fully featured messaging and groupware, with push mobility, Outlook and Mac integration, a fully featured Web client and much more. The only thing about "LotusLive iNotes" in common with Lotus Notes is th... (more)